• Aprica Drop Resistant Glass Milk Bottle 120ml

Aprica Drop Resistant Glass Milk Bottle 120ml

Product Code : A0T-89690

Summary of features:


  • Bottle holder prevents bottle from toppling and rolling over
  • Base, handle ring prevents bottle breakage

Drop-resistant Glass Bottle

  • Made of advanced heat-resistant glass
  • Can endure high temperaturs up to 600 degree
  • Bottle does not retain milk residue, and is easy to wash
  • Glass bottle does not release harmful substance even in contact with acidic or alkaline liquid
  • Environmentally friendly

Breast-imitating, multi-hole nipple

  • High resilience and stretch flexibly
  • Multi-hole nipple simulates breast nursing. Milk is dispersed directly into baby's throat, hence reducing discomfort of flatulence
  • Milk flow dispersed to fill into the baby's mouth evenly, so that the baby has the excellent feel of sucking from mother's breast.

Removable grip design strengthens baby's grabbing ability

Suitable for feeding from birth

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  • Aprica
  • Caraz
  • Elbini & Co
  • Ferrari
  • Hauck
  • Joie
  • Little Tikes
  • Nania
  • Nuna
  • Twistshake
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