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Aprica Coconel Air - Cocoa BR

Product Code : A66047
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Portable Baby Bed, Comfortable sleep Easy to fold · Easy to move.

It is easy to fold into a small bag. No matter traveling , back home to visit relatives or going to other places, with the newly designed crib, your baby will have a peaceful and comfortable environment to sleep.In 2016 New Coconel air is included the New matt "Silky Air" which is Breathability and body pressure dispersion.

By changing the height of the mattress, it can also be used as a baby playpen.

◇ Service Life
Upper section: Newborns ~ when baby is able to catch the edge of the bed after standing up.
Lower section: when baby is able to catch the edge of the bed after standing up ~ 24 months

◇ Size
Used as a crib: W1041 × D737 × H950 (mm)
Loaded in the bag: W950 × D290 × H270 (mm)
Internal dimensions: W600 × H900 (mm)

◇ Weight: 14.90 kg

◇ Materials
Frame: steel, polypropylene, ABS resin, polyamide
Sewing products: polyester
Deck: MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

◇ NOTE: PSC logo obtained. CPSC crib SG qualified products.
The product is suitable for W600 × H900 (〓) mattress (Mini-bed).
This product has a infant baby playpen in accordance with SG Standard Bed.

◇ color
Cocoa BR: 66047 (9)

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