• Aprica NippleTraining Cup PINK

Aprica NippleTraining Cup PINK

Product Code : A0T-89616

Nipple Training Cup

  • Aprica MugKiss trains the baby to hold the handle of the cup
  • An oblique nipple is designed to make sucking of water easier for the young baby 
  • Super soft silicone nipple emulates the soft feel of mommy's nipples helping baby to adjust to it easily
  • A cross-shape opening stablizes and moderates flow of water, allowing baby to control the flow while sucking
  • Ergonomic curve cup lid for easy holding by baby
  • Appropriate for use from 3 months
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  • Aprica
  • Caraz
  • Elbini & Co
  • Ferrari
  • Hauck
  • Joie
  • Little Tikes
  • Nania
  • Nuna
  • Twistshake
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